Before sending us a message please read the following:


Your account is blocked

You need to click on the verification email that was sent to you when you created your new account. Look in your junk mail folder. 


You cannot access the programme content or learning path

Once you have created a user account, you must subscribe to your chosen programme and make the online payment with a debit or credit card.  When payment has been processed, the programme will be available. 


For court users - you must contact your social worker directly

  • Please contact your social worker directly for all matters regarding assignments, due dates and extensions
  • The platform manager cannot assist with these matters
  • To obtain your social worker's contact details, please visit this page:
  • If your social worker is not listed, contact the listed office supervisor instead
  • If your matter is urgent, it is better to call your NICRO Office and speak to your case manager or the office supervisor. (


 See the Instructions Page for more details.


 If the above does not help you, please send us a message here