Payment for Programmes

External Users

External users refers to all other users, such as:

  • Professionals wanting to take online programmes
  • Parents wanting their child to take an online programme

External users must self-register on the LMS, select a programme and make an online payment through PayPal using a credit or debit card. Once payment has been processed, access to the programme is opened. The programmes are priced in USD, due to NICRO using PayPal. The USD amount is converted to ZAR during the payment process.

Payment Process

  1. Click on the programme you want to access
  2. You will be asked whether you want to enrol in the course. Click Subscribe
  3. The subscriptions page will open. Ensure you have ticked the box next to the name of the programme you want to enrol in
  4. Click Add to Cart
  5. Select the PayPal standard payment option
  6. Tick next to the terms and conditions text box
  7. Click Checkout Items
  8. You will then be taken through to PayPal, where you can log in with your existing PayPal account or create a free one while paying for the programme
  9. Enter your card details and other payment information PayPal requires, and follow the instructions on the page
  10. Once payment has been processed, you will be able to access the programme content

Important Note for Paying External Clients

Please note you have between 60 to 90 days to complete the programme, after which your license will expire. The access period varies across the programmes. If your license expires, you will not be able to access the programme content. When you complete your programme, please ensure you download any programme content made available for download, as you will not have access to the programme after the license expiration period. 


NICRO Clients

NICRO clients refers to the following:

  • Clients referred by courts
  • Clients referred from other service providers
  • Clients referred by community structures
  • Clients referred by their local NICRO office

NICRO clients do not self-register on the LMS or make online payments. NICRO clients will make payments as instructed by their local NICRO office. The normal process is to make a direct deposit into NICRO's bank account and forward the proof of payment directly to your appointed social worker.  Your appointed social worker will drive this process directly with you, the client.

This process sits outside the LMS. 


NICRO staff do not pay for any of the programmes. Staff do not self-register on the LMS.