Chance to Change

Chance to Change is an educational programme designed for people using and abusing substances.  The programme is adapted from the World Health Organisation’s ASSIST and AUDIT programmes, and is used with permission. The programme can be used as a primary or secondary prevention intervention.

The programme covers the following:

  1. The different levels of substance use
  2. The effects of substance abuse
  3. Impact of alcohol and substance abuse
  4. Low risk drinking
  5. What is in a drink?
  6. How substances are portrayed in the media
  7. Why do some people use and abuse drugs and alcohol
  8. Alternatives to using alcohol and drugs
  9. Exploring behaviour and motivation
  10. Getting support
  11. A range of self-reflection assignments that must be submitted, which focus on:
    • Developing insight into your substance use
    • Assessing the effects of using substances on your life
    • Identifying and assessing high-risk situations
    • Identifying substance use reduction goals and setting targets
    • Coping with cravings
    • Assessing your readiness to change
    • Making better choices and decisions regarding using substances

Completion Requirements: 

You must complete the learning path and have all your assignments accepted by the social worker in order to complete this programme.  Please ensure that your assignments contain only your words.  Text copied and pasted from other sources is regarded as plagiarism and will result in your assignment being returned for resubmission. 

South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Contact Details


This programme content is reproduced with permission from the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO does not endorse any specific companies, products or services.

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