The Basics of Restorative Justice Conferences

This programme introduces practitioners to the basics of implementing restorative justice conferences (RGCs) in the context of the criminal justice system. The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to restorative justice
  • Impact of crime and violence on people
  • Important Points
  • Restorative Justice Philosophy
  • Understanding the victim
  • Understanding the offender
  • RGC Facilitation Skills
  • Functions of an RGC Facilitator
  • The RGC Process
  • Preparation for RGC
  • Pre-RGC Meeting with Offender
  • Pre-RGC Meeting with Victim
  • Pre-RGC Preparation of Stakeholders
  • Agreement Guidelines
  • Post-RGC Support and Follow-Up

This programme is accredited with the SACSSP for 3.5 points for social workers and social auxiliary workers (396/2023). Expires 24/10/2024.

Completion requirements: Complete all modules and assignments, and pass the open-book exam with a minimum of 80%.