Choosing the High Road

The Choosing the High Road programme is an awareness and road safety education programme that aims to prevent road offences and promote road safety by:

  • Providing information about road safety, road safety risks and the need to reduce drunk driving, speeding and other risky driving behaviour.
  • Challenging negative attitudes and unsafe driving behaviour, with a particular focus on driving under the influence (DUI).
  • Developing and applying new knowledge, skills and attitudes that will promote responsible alcohol use, sober and safe driving

The programme content is contained under the Learning Path at the bottom of this page. You can display the whole learning path by clicking Contents. 

Completing the Programme

You must:

  • obtain a green tick next to every module in the learning path
  • have all your assignments accepted
  • pass every quiz

Writing Your Assignment

The purpose of the assignments is for you to demonstrate that you are (1) reflecting on what you have learnt so far in this programme and (2) applying what you have learnt to your own life. Your social worker assesses your assignments, and copies are placed in your case file.  In some cases, they are submitted to court with your final court report.  

To upload an assignment, attach the file and then click the submit button

Uploading PDF Quizzes and Surveys

You will complete quizzes and evaluations that you need to save and upload as an assignment.

When you have completed the activity, you will be given the change to save the proof of completion to your computer as a PDF.  Save the PDF proof to your computer, and then upload it when asked in your assignment.

Watch a short demo video on how to do this here.

Feedback on Assignments

Your assignment will be marked, and either accepted, or returned to you for further work. 

Tracking your Assignments 

Track the status of your assignments in the left-hand menu > Assignments. Here you will see returned and outstanding assignments.