Introduction to Bullying for Educators and Practitioners

This programme has been designed to familiarise educators and practitioners working  in schools with information and strategies to manage bullying in schools.  The topics include:

  • What is bullying
  • What makes a bully?
  • What makes a victim?
  • Preventing bullying
  • Managing an incident of bullying.

This programme aligns with the National School Safety Framework (NSSF). Participants are also provided with links to a variety of resources that can be used in schools.

SACE accredited for CPD points : 15 Points (18 April 2024-18 April 2027).

Statement of Learning Outcomes

Session Topics

Content Detail

What is Bullying

  • Definitions of bullying
  • Understand the prevalence, patterns and trends of bullying in South African schools
  • Understand the range of different bullying situations and behaviours.
  • Understand the consequences of bullying
  • Understand the dangers involved in labelling people

What Makes a Bully?

  • Knowledge of the different types of bullies
  • Understanding of the factors contributing towards bullying behaviour

What Makes a Victim?

  • Ability to identify different types of victims

What works and what does not work in reducing bullying in schools

  • Understand the known activities that have impact on reducing bullying at schools.


Managing an incident of bullying

  • Understand how to interact with parents of both victims and bullies
  • Understand how to intervene in a bullying incident
  • Understand how to respond to a complaint about bullying

Preventing bullying

  • Introduction to the National School Safety Framework (NSSF)
  • Brief review of the NSSF process
  • Brief review of the NSSF tools and their application to preventing school violence