Introduction to Psychosocial Assessments in the Criminal Justice Sector (2024)

This programme is designed for social workers, and covers the processes and requirements of producing a psychosocial assessment that can be used in court, and to guide the interventions provided to a client. 

Participants who complete this training are able to:

  1. Understand what a psychosocial assessment is
  2. Understand how psychosocial assessments are used for social work practice
  3. Identify appropriate assessment tools, such as a genogram and ecomap
  4. Identify appropriate assessment skills
  5. Understand that is required when preparing for an assessment
    1. Personal preparation
    2. Practical preparation
    3. Theoretical preparation
  6. Identify the information that an assessment needs to explore and analyse
    1. Basic client information
    2. Narrative information overview
    3. Home and environment
    4. Education and employment
    5. Activities and peers
    6. Development & functioning
    7. Strengths and resources
    8. The key presenting problem/s
  7. Understand how to screen for:
    1. Risky behaviour overview
    2. General risk taking
    3. Eating disorders
    4. Depression
  8. Understand the components of analysing and evaluating the data
  9. Processing the Data
  10. How to write a Psychosocial Assessment Report

Completion Requirements: Participants must complete assignments and pass an exam with at least 80%.The programme costs R500 with a 90 day access license. You must complete the programme in 90 days.

Please note this programme has audio narration.