Flattening the Curve 2022

Flattening the Curve is a programme designed for people who have been arrested for non-compliance with Covid-19 disaster management regulations.  Topics include:

  1. About Covid-19
  2. Importance of mask wearing and social distancing
  3. Effects of a pandemic on mental and emotional wellbeing
  4. The Disaster Management Act
  5. Coping skills and self-care
  6. Rights and responsibilities
  7. Decision-making
  8. Emotional and personal growth and development


Completing the Programme

You must:

  • obtain a green tick next to every module in the learning path
  • have all your assignments accepted
  • pass every quiz

Writing Your Assignment

The purpose of the assignments is for you to demonstrate that you are (1) reflecting on what you have learnt so far in this programme and (2) applying what you have learnt to your own life. Your social worker assesses your assignments, and copies are placed in your case file.  In some cases, they are submitted to court with your final court report. 

Type your assignment in a word processing document such as MS Word or Google Docs. Save this to your computer. Upload your completed assignment inside each assignment module.  

Feedback on Assignments

Your assignment will be marked, and either accepted, or returned to you for further work. 

Tracking your Assignments 

Track the status of your assignments in the left-hand menu > Assignments. Here you will see returned and outstanding assignments.